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The end of winter

Now in Japan it is nearly spring. The cherry blossoms are not blooming but it is getting warmer. The other flowers are getting ready to bloom.

In spring I will enter the 5th Grade. The work will be harder, but I am ready for it!

I can't wait to see the tulips that my mom planted bloom. The tulip bulbs came from the office where my dad works. The staff in Netherlands sent them to dad's office and nobody knows what kind of tulips bloom.

In spring lots of new things come and there is lots of fun as well!!!
# by orokoyama | 2011-02-08 19:55

Horse RidingS

This weekend I competed in a horse show at Shinrin Park.

On the first day, I couldn't finish the course so I was very sad. But, on the second day I was able to finish the challenging course so I was pretty happy.

I rode Yakkuru both days. She was a good horse and easy to ride. I hope next time I can have a smooth ride!!
# by orokoyama | 2011-02-01 18:00

Happy New Year!

This year during new years I went to Tokyo with my family. We went to see my grandparents.
Before we went there I had a chance to make rice cakes with my cousin AKI. My grandmother in Nagoya prepared everything for Mochituki.
After I came back from Tokyo I had a opening ceremony for school. That same afternoon I went to Hokkaido with my mother and father.
It was very cold and there was a lot of snow. I had a chance to go to Asahiyama
At the zoo I enjoyed seeing the penguins marching.

All in all I had a great new year!!!
# by orokoyama | 2011-01-10 16:50

Christmas Horse Show

On the 19th of December, I had a Christmas Horse Riding Show. In the first jumping event I took 5th place riding PUNIO. In the second jumping event I came in 7th place while riding YAKKURU. In the final event I rode BIKKURU and finished in 3rd in the dressage competition. I was very happy about my performance in all the events .
It was a great way to finish my year in horse riding .

In 2011 my New Year's Resolution is to ride new horses and improve my riding!!
# by orokoyama | 2010-12-19 16:45

rice cake

On the 4th of December I had a mochitsuki taikai, rice cake festival , at school. At mochitsuki taikai we make rice cakes by smashing rice into ' mochi' with a big wooden hammer. I did not smash the rice but my dad and also teacher pounded the rice cakes. It was very delicious.

On the 30th of December I have a another day that I can make rice cakes. On that day mu cosins are coming and we are playing to play wii.

If I get Mario Bros Wii for Christmas, we can play it on that day. I will smash lots of rice cakes on the 30th of December!!

# by orokoyama | 2010-12-07 13:17

beautiful season!

It is December and it is getting colder in Japan. The trees are changing color. This tree is called ' Ichou' . Ichou has seeds that we can eat. The Ichou's seed is called ' Ginnan'. Ginnan seeds have a hard shell so we have to break it with a pinch before we can eat them. When you put salt on them it is very delicious.

# by orokoyama | 2010-12-01 13:13

School Show

On the 13th of November I had a school show. Grade 4 did a play about very popular story in Japan called "San mai no Ofuda". I was one of the main characters.
We worked on the play for about 2 months. My mom and dad came to watch the show. We made some mistakes but the moms and dads didn't mind, so the teacher said it was ok. Next time there is a show I will be in Grade 6, so I will practice a lot when I get the paper and hopefully I will get the lead part! 016.gif

# by orokoyama | 2010-11-28 08:54

leaves turn to red!


On the 6th of November I went to a place called Korabkei.
It is a place that is famous for its Autumn colors, but when we went, many of the trees were still green.
Korankei is located high in the mountains but it has been very warm in Nagoya recently, so the leaves haven't changed color.

When we reached the top, we saw a monkey show. The Japanese monkeys showed us some of their tricks and I shook hands with him.

I took a nice photo under a red tree. On the way back down, we brought some food and we ate it all.
Next time we go to Korankei, I hope all of the trees are bright red.

# by orokoyama | 2010-11-08 20:20



On the 30th of October I had a Halloween party at the bowling alley. I dressed as a devil at the party.

The baby that I am holding is named Aimi. Her Dad is American and her Mom is Japanese. She was born on the 10th of May, so her birthday is 4 days before mine. She was a Jack-o-Lantern. The costume was so cute and I held her lots.

I had so much fun bowling for a long time. I also enjoyed holding Aimi while her dad and mom bowled.

In Japan Halloween is not so popular, so I was happy to celebrate Halloween with my friends and family.

# by orokoyama | 2010-11-02 09:48

Jumping Show

On the 23rd of October I had a jumping show near Nagoya. I tried very hard to come in first but I finished third. I received a nice picture of one of my jumps. Next time I will try harder to come in first place.
The horse that I rode on was named Porin. She was a Welsh pony and she was very fast. That worried me a little bit!! In the end she was a perfect horse for me and we had a good run.
My next event is in December, so I will practice a lot between now and then.


# by orokoyama | 2010-10-26 20:48

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